My Style

My aim is to create images that have a strong sense of connection, movement, light and life in them. And to capture your spark; your energy; and the magic ingredient that draws people to you.

Candid, honest and informal. Natural, vibrant and true. Energetic, achievable and happy.

I am a certified 'Moment Design' photographer. Moment Design is all about creating beautiful and interesting and authentic moments so that I have a better chance of capturing your spark. It is about shifting the focus from the picture to the moment happening in the picture. It is the ability to make people feel comfortable in front of my lens.

The Moment Design method is more than simply posing questions to you and waiting for you to answer; it is a considered technique which encourages honest communication between those I am photographing. It is a way for me to guide you all and reveal your natural expressions whilst celebrating your togetherness. To hear from some of my previous clients, head to my testimonials page.

Plus: I am genuinely interested in getting to know you and your family. Rapport is so important at a shoot; its the number one under-rated quality that a photographer needs to possess. Its not just the technical ability; the 'eye' for a good composition; the ability to seek out and use light effectively. It's the ability to make you feel comfortable, to be yourself, to interact with those around you in a natural way. If you can find THAT quality in a photographer, then it equals perfection.

I would love to work with you at a shoot. Let's do it; let's make a plan.

Natalie x